Intel Corporation has announced a new digital signage product that tailors advertising to individual shoppers by automatically recognising their age and gender.

Kraft Foods and adidas will be among the first retailers to begin trialling the new product, which was unveiled at the National Retail Federation Expo in New York.

The Intel Audience Impression Metric Suite (Intel AIM Suite) is designed to bring personalised content to consumers, while also gathering data on age, gender and length of attention.

Optical sensors on the digital signage analyse the pattern of the viewer’s face, including their eyes socket and nose, to determine anonymous demographic information.

Intel said the market for digital signage, including software and hardware, is set to increase from $1.3bn in 2010 to $4.5bn by 2016, so it is an area worth investing in.

Adidas has integrated the software into a virtual footwear wall that gives shoppers access its expanded online inventory via a digital display.

Intel AIM Suite tailors the product choices based on the shopper’s age and gender.

The digital display also offers a range of touchscreen functions, such as product information, and 360 degree images of the shoes. 

Kraft has been trialling Intel AIM Suite in Chicago to offer free product samples to specific demographics.

Intel has also announced that the AIM Suite will be integrated into other new signage products. It unveiled a new 13x8ft interactive touchwall that allows retailers to engage shoppers with interactive displays,

The Home Shopping Network (HSN), which helped develop the product, will be using it to offer an interactive pizza cooking class at food and drink event throughout 2012.

Four shoppers at a time can compete in a pizza-making contest – Intel said this will improve sales as shoppers build an emotional engagement with the kitchen products.

Following the contest shoppers will receive an email or text with a shopping list and link to place an online order.

Macy’s will also be taking advantage of Intel’s new digital signage with a virtual cosmetics counter.

The touchscreen display allows shoppers to browse cosmetics products without the need for a salesperson. The information can then be downloaded to their mobile.