A UK media company has launched what it calls the ‘first intelligent online video search site’.

Coull.tv allows users to search for specific moments within videos,  click on and interact with moving objects while the video is playing, as well as adding tags and comments.

According to CEO Irfon Watkins:

“coull.tv addresses the next logical link in the video search chain. This is the first time that viewers are able to search video, and be directed to, specific objects within a video.”

“Previously search would only uncover the complete video, leaving it to the viewer to search for the desired segment. Also, it adds a further layer of never-before-seen interactivity, with it being possible to click directly on objects of interest during video play.”

Central to the coull.tv search tool is the ‘video activator’ application, software that can be downloaded, allowing any user to make objects within a video interactive. Each interactive element can then be tagged with keywords or phrases, or linked to products on e-commerce sites.

For instance, the Coull.tv version of the Kate Moss/Agent Provocateur ad allows you to click on lingerie worn in the clip and be forwarded to the AP site to purchase the item.

This aspect will appeal to advertisers, as the method of advertising within the video eliminates the need for pre-roll and post-roll advertising, though any kind of advertising inserted into online video could put off users.

However, this new site isn’t entirely unique, as both Veotag and Motionbox allow ‘deep tagging’ and split the videos into searchable chunks.