The internet may not be a spring chicken, but with most ad budgets still out of proportion with where it sits in the ad world, there’s still plenty of room for growth in internet advertising spend.

Need proof of that? Look no further than Nielsen’s latest quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, which looks at ad spending across multiple channels, including the internet, television and newspapers.

Of the channels tracked, the internet delivered the greatest growth in ad spend. According to Nielsen’s figures, year-over-year, advertisers spent 12.1% more on internet ads in the first quarter of this year, handily beating out the year-over-year gains seen with television (2.8%), radio (7.9%) and outdoor (6.4%).

Geographically, Europe delivered strong growth, matching the overall 12.1% figure. But it was more nascent markets that drove the biggest increases.

In Latin America, internet ad spending rose an impressive 31.8%; in the Middle East and Africa it rose an even more impressive 35.2%.

Online advertising still has a long way to go to catch up with television in the dollars spent category; according to Nielsen “TV continues to attract the majority of advertising dollars.”

But spending is up across all channels, and with consumer confidence up and brands eager to reach consumers, more growth should be in store for all of the channels that delivered growth in Q1.