Here it is everyone, your bi-weekly dose of digital marketing stats.

This week it includes Tumblr’s influence on TV engagement, PPC, Facebook marketing, Reddit’s referral traffic and the Internet of Things.

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Is Tumblr the best network for social TV engagement?

  • A new study by Pulsar claims that Tumblr is Twitter’s main rival when it comes to TV engagement, with conversations among viewers spiking in the hours after a programme has aired and lasting for days afterwards.
  • The study set out to compare mentions of five popular TV shows across Twitter and Tumblr, and recorded more than 10.4m mentions from 2.89m accounts over an 11-day period.
  • The number of accounts participating in TV related conversations on each network was quite close, with 1.36m people participating on Tumblr compared to 1.53m on Twitter. 
  • However it appears that conversations live longer on Tumblr, as it accounted for 70% of the 10.4m mentions recorded over the 11-day period.

Hourly average mentions per day 

36% of top UK advertisers don’t have a mobile site

  • A third of the UK’s top 100 advertisers (36%) still don’t have mobile optimised sites, according to a new report from the IAB.
  • The new study also includes European advertisers as a benchmark, revealing that just over half (54%) of sites across Italy, Spain, Germany and France are now mobile ready.
  • Around a quarter (24%) of the UK’s top advertisers have a responsive site, compared to only 15% of Spanish sites, 13% in France and Italy, and 7% in Germany. 

Mobile accounted for 28% of US PPC impressions in Q1 2014

  • The Search Agency’s new Q1 2014 report shows that smartphones accounted for 16.9% of paid search ad impressions, compared to 11.1% on tablet and 72% on desktop.
  • The report’s authors predict that the current rate of growth will continue, meaning that by the end of 2014 mobile devices will account for more than 40% of paid search impressions.
  • Though smartphones experienced the lion’s share of impression growth (60% vs. 42% tablet vs. 9% desktop), in terms of marketing spend tablet devices saw the largest year-on-year increase. 

Top Facebook Pages still reach 82% of fans

  • New research from Wisemetrics shows that while on average many pages have seen a drop in organic reach, the top 1% of pages still reached 82% of their fans, more than five times the average. 
  • Larger pages have been hit hardest, as those with more than 1m fans saw reach reduce by 40% on average, while pages with less than 1,000 fans saw a decrease of around 20%.

Is referral traffic from Reddit of any value to publishers?

  • Reddit can be a valuable traffic source for publishers but data from Shareaholic shows that, of all the social networks, Reddit referral traffic delivered the highest bounce rate (70.6%) and was among the bottom three performers for time on site and pages per visit. 
  • The stats come from social traffic across more than 200,000 sites that attract upwards of 250m unique monthly visitors. 
  • It’s also worth noting that Google+ and LinkedIn achieved some of the highest engagement rates, though they were the worst performers in terms of overall traffic numbers.

Facebook ad CTR is up 160% year-over-year

  • Adobe’s Social Media Intelligence Report has revealed that Facebook’s ad business has continued to grow with click through rate (CTR) and ad impressions increasing by double-digits quarter-over-quarter.
  • CTR has increased by 20% and ad impressions by 41%.
  • Revenue per visit (RPV) coming from Facebook grew by 2% QoQ whereas RPV from Twitter declined by 23% and Tumblr 36%.
  • The report is based on is based on 260bn Facebook ad impressions, 226bn Facebook post impressions, 17bn referred visits from social networking sites, and 7bn brand post interactions including comments, likes and shares.

Lidl is Europe’s most popular food retailer on Facebook

  • Lidl has the most Facebook fans of any European food retailer according to new data from Socialbakers.
  • In February Lidl reached the milestone of 10m fans across its 26 Facebook pages.
  • The Socialbakers study also shows that Lidl is the European food retailer with the greatest number of interactions, and replies to the highest number of posts on Facebook.
  • Lidl UK has more than 600,000 Facebook fans and an impressive average response rate of 97%.

Mobile now accounts for a third of EMEA paid search

  • Kenshoo’s new Q1 2014 EMEA Search Advertising report has found that mobile now accounts for almost a third (31%) of UK paid search clicks and spend.
  • The EMEA click-through rate (CTR) is now 2%, up 29% year on year, ranging from 0.9% in France to 2.3% in the UK and 2.8% in Germany
  • Year-on-year spend is up 2% across EMEA, with revenue generated from ads up 6%.
  • Finally, the cost per click (CPC) for mobile phones in the UK is now identical to tablets (€0.34).

UK’s youth unaware of ‘Internet of Things’

  • It seems that the ‘Internet of Things’ is an industry phrase that has yet to make the jump to consumers.
  • A survey by Voxburner found that just over half (53%) of people aged 16-24 have never heard of the IoT, while 19% say they have heard of it but don’t know what it means and 17% have heard of it and know a little. Only 6% say they fully understand it. 
  • When the term was fully explained to them, 60% of respondents would like to use it to help them research products while shopping, 55% say it would have an impact in the home, while personal improvement like tracking fitness or better productivity (55%) and for social connectivity (46%) are other popular uses. 
  • 1,244 UK 16-24 respondents took part and the research was carried out online.

Online video shares down in Q1 2014

  • Data from online video analytics firm Unruly shows that a disappointing performance by ads that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl saw shares of branded videos drop by almost 25% in Q1 2014 compared to Q4 2014.
  • This is despite overall sharing rising by a fifth (22%) over the last 12 months.
  • The average share rate (the percentage of people who watched the ad and shared it) dropped from 2.9% last quarter to 2.6%.
  • CPG/FMCG and Charity/Non-Profits are the only verticals to see quarterly growth in shares. CPG’s growth was largely thanks to Budweiser’s smash ‘Puppy Love’ ad.