This partly reflects the evolving taxonomy of the Econsultancy site, and when complete will take the shape of a bundle of 12 reports, including:

  • Advertising: Incorporating trends on internet advertising (including video and social ads) as well as affiliate marketing data. Latest additions include ad targeting research from Adobe and global video ad stats from Google.
  • Content: The new content marketing report includes usage and effectiveness of content strategies, as well as budget trends and challenges. The doc includes data from our own Econsultancy research as well as other sources including Hubspot and Content Marketing Institute.
  • Customer Experience: Looking at trends and data from the perspective of the customer, including satisfaction levels of ecommerce experiences as well as multichannel marketing and commerce stats.
  • Demographics and Technology Adoption: Incorporates the usage and demographics sections from the old regional reports, as well as video, audio and site performance & user technology chapters.
  • Ecommerce: A massive doc collecting all the best ecommerce stats – including mobile commerce and social commerce and newer sub-sections such as crowdfunding.
  • Email and eCRM: Currently including our on-going email stats updates (deliverability, open rates, CTRs etc) and soon to expand to include wider eCRM data.
  • Mobile: Another big document for the most interesting mobile data around, collected by ourselves and countless other sources. Latest updates includes global SMS marketing data from Dynmark and Korean handset use from InMobi.
  • Search: A place for all that is search data – including SEO, pay-per-click, local search and mobile search.
  • Social: From VKontakte in Russia, to Weibo in China or Facebook on a global scale, the Social Media stats compendium is the place to look for the best publically available data on user numbers, engagement and other social trends such as gaming and its crossover to mobile.
  • Strategy and Operations: Coming soon.
  • Web Analytics: Offering the business case for web analytics use and the best data to help implement your strategy.
  • B2B: A compilation compendium for most of the above but with a B2B focus. Also including demand generation data as well as ways of measuring B2B marketing effectiveness.

Each of the 12 reports will contain regional chapters. This will make it easier for users to search for the latest data on a certain sector – such as SEO – and then to compare across markets from a global level, to Europe, Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America, North America and United Kingdom.

We will continue to publish the compendium on a monthly basis.