Nobody likes being out of a job. But Golden Grahams is hoping to make the process of job searching a little less painful with the launch of a new program — The Golden Grant Stimulus Package — to help cheer up job searchers with a litle humor (and free cereal).

It certainly can’t hurt.

According to a spokesperson:

“Via people can submit their most remarkable (read: hilarious) job search experience in 120 characters or less – and if it’s funny
enough, it might be animated into a short video so others can laugh along, too. We’ve already heard about experiences including peeing in a parking lot before an interview to lying about being a gold miner on their resume.”

Through a series of cute animated videos on the microsite, the brand has offers funnny vignettes and job search advice (like how to avoid being “that guy“).

Individuals can share their stories and enter to win boxes of Golden Grahams. Each week, the company will release new videos and 75 Golden Grants (12 boxes of cereal). Throughout the campaign, new materials will be shared on, as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Will the campaign help grow brand loyalty and get the formerly unemployed to continue purchasing Golden Grahams after they bounce back financially? It’s unclear. But it’s a fun campaign and the Twitterati seem to be enjoying it. A sample:: 

And for desperate unemployed types, the effort could have some long lasting effects. Especially people like crazyem, who submitted the following job search tale at Golden Grants:

“Ate the only things in my fridge before my interview: salad dressing, cheese $ choc pudding My stomach did all the talking “

Images: Goldern Grahams, Twitter