Finding who you want to see

There are several different ways to find topics or speakers that might be of interest.

  • Search by topic

If, for example, you’re interested in learning more about personalisation, then head to the ‘Content Streams’ tab which then allows you to access details of the 10 different stages.

You can then scroll down to the ‘Personalisation’ stream to find details of all the talks on that topic taking place over the two days.


Click on the headings to get a more in-depth description of the individual talks, add it to your schedule, and set a reminder so you don’t miss it.

  • Find your favourite speaker

If there’s one particular speaker that you want to see, such as Lars from Lego, or you want to see which brands are sharing their expertise, then head to the ‘Speakers’ tab.

Here you can find out more about individual speakers, the topic of their session, and add them to your schedule.


  • Browse the whole agenda

If you want to scroll through the entire agenda just to see what jumps out, then the ‘Agenda’ tab is for you. It includes links to all talks across both days of the festival in chronological order. 

So, say you have a spare slot after lunch on Day Two, then head to the ‘Agenda’ tab and you’ll be able to see all the speakers who’ll be on stage at that time.

Adding talks to your schedule

When browsing the different talks you are able to add them to your schedule. However, please be aware that this does not mean you are registered for the talks.

You can only reserve a place in each talk via the Econsultancy website (which doesn’t work on mobile. I know, right?). Registration will close on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Getting to the festival

To help attendees find their way to the festival there’s a handy map feature, as well as written directions to cover all modes of transport (car, train or by foot).

Getting around the festival

One you’ve found the Tobacco Dock the app also has a map to help you navigate around inside.

The Ground Floor is home to the different stages, while the Lower Vaults hosts the Festival Village where you can attend marketing clinics, speak to sponsors and do some networking.


Other tabs

I’ve given you a run through of the most important features and tools, but please feel free to check out the others at your leisure.

You’ll be able to find sponsor information, timings for The Digitals Awards, social accounts and a useful networking feature (think of it as a marketing version of Tinder).

The iPhone version

I suspect that the Festival of Marketing will attract a lot of iPhone users, so here’s a couple of screenshots of the iOS version of the app.

The functionality is exactly the same but the UX differs slightly.