Apple fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the new iPhone on July 5, and it looks like advertisers will have a reason to get excited as well. Mobile ad platform AdMob has announced three new types of ad units. Each come with social, search
and rich media features, and will be available in July.

The new ad units focus on social optimization, with mobile social networking, which lets consumers access advertisers’
social content directly from an ad; a search feature that allows users to run searches within an advertiser’s
mobile site straight from an ad; multi-panel banners that deliver
multiple calls to action from one ad unit, and a scrolling
canvas lets audiences get more info about a product or
service without clicking away from the application they’re in.

The iPhone ad market is quickly growing. AdMob saw iPhone wifi-based ad requests grow 52% month over month in April. Globally, the iPhone has
a 6.3% share of total requests and nearly 10% share of those
requests in the U.S.

According to AdMob, the company has helped monetize over 1,500 iPhone applications, and its reach extends to over half of all iPhone and iPod touch devices in the consumer market.

Publishers are eager to monetize the smartphone market as
consumers rely on their cellphones for more and more information. But so far, the ad supply on the iPhone has far outpaced advertiser demand, meaning the ads are much cheaper than expected.

AdMob is trying to change that by offering more options to see what works in the mobile space. Consumers have a low tolerance for random advertising on such a small device, but they are also more likely to take action on local ads that are well targeted. Social ads run the risk of cluttering up the iPhone with unwanted information. They may not have the same response level as a coupon to a store down the block, but until it becomes clear what kinds of ads are successful on smartphones, more options can only help.

Image: Daily Mobile