Mothers of young children are a rapidly growing segment of the smartphone population, and considering how important the demographic is in household purchasing decisions, marketers should take note of how they’re using their phones and the mobile space generally.

According to mobile ad network Greystripe, “iPhone moms” (female iPhone owners with young children) use mobile media more than other iPhone users. But from previous studies, we know that moms also don’t take to iPhone ads. What’s a marketer to do?

For starters, consider utility when marketing in the space — and a specialized iPhone app.

Greystripe found that iPhone moms comprised 29.5% of the iPhone market in August. According to their most recent survey, 59% of iPhone moms say they let their children use their
iPhone. And 41% of iPhone moms download apps for their children.

There are also plenty of obvious findings. Almost 90% of iPhone moms use their phones to listen to music, browse the Internet or use
entertainment apps. 79.6% of iPhone moms surveyed use their phones for email. And the 64% of iPhone moms who use their phones to manage their
calendar and schedule is 9% higher than the overall iPhone

What about their shopping habits? Close to 60% of iPhone moms use their phone to locate the nearest
store around them, and 41.9% of moms use the iPhone to keep track of
shopping lists. In addition, 39.4% use the iPhone for comparison shopping, 19% download coupons and 22.9% keep track of sale items.

Young mothers are a powerful purchasing source. But the problem arises from recent information that says female iPhone users are more likely to tune out mobile advertising.

Mobile-marketing shop Brand in Hand, recently found that in
both trials and more than 60 mobile campaigns run over the past
two years, female iPhone users are less interested in mobile
advertising than females who use phones with conventional

Brand in Hand found that moms are task oriented and don’t spend time on their phones reading advertising. But they do spend time with applications. And according to AdMob, the “vast majority” of iPhone traffic occurs within applications — not the mobile web.

For many brands, the number of moms on the iPhone (only about 18% of women age 18-49 currently own a smartphone) lacks the scale to deploy a full fledged marketing strategy aimed in their direction, but it is a growing and engaged demographic. For the right brand, targeting iPhone moms could be very important. But with either a branded iPhone app or a marketing on an app frequented by moms, success in the space is going to be all about brand relevance.

Image: modmyi