As reported by Variety, Amazon has recruited MTV host Lyndsey Rodrigues, ABC news correspondent Rachel Smith and reality TV star Frankie Grande to host the program, which delivers product recommendations alongside fashion and beauty tips every weekday at 9pm EST.

Terence Noonan, Style Code Live‘s executive producer, told Variety…

Style Code Live gives viewers a first-of-its-kind daily style and entertainment experience. We’re live, interactive, and covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty each weeknight – with guest experts, celebrities, and viewer tips.

Programming incorporates a good deal of participation from influencers, including traditional celebrities and new media stars.

The show’s first guest, for example, was Danielle Bernstein of prominent fashion blog WeWoreWhat. The second episode, which airs today, will feature popular American singer Meghan Trainor.

Much like TV shopping channels, viewers will have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of guests.

As products are featured in the show’s content, a gallery below the video player will display information about them. Viewers, of course, can purchase the featured products immediately through Amazon.

Competing with content

While Amazon isn’t likely seeking to become the next-gen QVC or HSN, the company has obviously invested in Style Code Live‘s production and is currently promoting the show through prominent ad units on its site.


And adding a heftier dose of content to commerce might not be such a bad idea for Amazon. In the fashion and beauty space in particular, content is increasingly integral to commerce.

Social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are capable of driving sales, and many brands are spending heavily to promote their wares in these channels, including through influencer marketing.

At the same time, a new generation of young consumers have used YouTube to become fashion and beauty influencers, and millions of their peers turn to them for advice and product recommendations.

Some of the biggest influencers in this space, like Michelle Phan, have been able to parlay their YouTube stardom into multi-million dollar retail businesses of their own.

For Amazon, such dynamics create risk. After all, if the strong social and content marketing efforts of other retailers and fashion and beauty brands themselves are successful, Amazon could find that young consumers purchase fewer products in these categories on its site, as many of those efforts will direct consumers to other sites for purchase.

But there’s also opportunity for Amazon. With its deep pockets, Amazon has the ability to play the content game at a professional level and make a splash quickly.

If Style Code Live or programming like it catches on, the retail giant just might be able to ensure that young consumers don’t overlook it, even if it can’t count on them becoming a captive audience like the QVCs or HSNs of the world have in their markets.