Am I right in seeing behavioural email and segmentation as the future for targeting customers online? 

I cannot escape the feeling that behavioural is something of a panacea for the current issues facing email marketers, while also taking direct marketing another step towards individual level, one to one marketing.

Behavioural segmentation and email marketing reacts to a customer’s or prospect’s on-site activity and tailors future email marketing to that activity. This approach to email is based on a tried and tested premise: that the best variable for predicting future activity is the most recent activity. So if a prospect or customer visits your site and browses holidays in the West Indies, there is a strong likelihood this individual is interested in holidays to the West Indies and indeed maybe in the window to purchase.

On this basis, in the future the vast majority of communication is going to be driven from behavioural data and segmentation and to facilitate this it will be automated and supported by extensive dynamic content. Traditional segmentation, using RFM information (ie recency, frequency and monetary) will play a supporting role driving lapsed or inactive customers to the site.

The benefits? Well, sending emails targeted by information that an individual has shown interest achieves relevance. The results: increased ROI, increased brand equity and an end to deliverability issues.

Am I right?