After the damage inflicted on its reputation by the YouTube video of its employees’ unsavoury conduct, Dominos President Patrick Doyle has responded with a video of his own in an attempt to reassure its customers.

In the YouTube video, Doyle assures us that the employees have been sacked and it will do all it can to avoid a repeat of the incident, but is this enough to recover from the damage that has been done to the brand?

As some of the comments on our original post on the video said, there is little Dominos can do to deal with this social media mess once the damage has been done, other than publicly condemn the practice and attempt to reassure its customers.

However, Doyle’s response does look a little too scripted, and he doesn’t even look directly at the camera, which has the effect of making the response seem less sincere.

I’ve been finding out what people are saying about Doyle’s video on Twitter:

Some (more or less) positive:

Kudos Dominos: Rule #1:Don’t overreact . #2:Respond transparently, using the right channels (even if it’s “I dont know”).

it doesn’t amount to being more human. They are trying tho. Begun engaging and responding via Twitter yesterday

What more could they do? When it jumps that quickly from the web to mainstream media, is there a method to kill it?

responding on YouTube approiate. Would have liked to see more outrage, but the lawers proably neutered him b4 filming

The video may be well rehearsed, but at least they’re responding directly to the commenters below the apology vid

It’s a start, but being candid and personal is different than what they’re delivering

Some not so positive:

Does *reading* a corporate statement on YouTube amount to a more human response? I don’t think so

The medium was the right one – address it where it happened. The sincerity was lacking

It’s somewhat uncomfortable to watch. I just keep thinking “at least look INTO the camera”!

I do agree the #Dominos Pres’ YouTube apology could be delivered better (like, look @ camera!)

Agree with @ScottMonty #dominos weren’t prepared but they’re learning quickly. Look at camera? In my view, it looks more ‘genuine’.

The consensus seems to be that responding via YouTube was the right thing to do, but that Doyle has undermined the message with his delivery. What do you think? Let me know below…