39% of UK consumers claim that the marketing emails they receive are less relevant than they were 12 months ago, which suggests that brands need to improve to keep customers engaged.

According to an e-Dialog E-mail Attitudes Report, which surveyed 2,000 UK adults, there is a 34% increase in the number of people who are finding emails irrelevant to them, compared to the 2009 report.

Even of the 13% who didn’t feel emails had become less relevant, 17% said this is because they had actively opted out of these emails. 47% of consumers surveyed said the content most relevant to them was
special offers, followed by delivery update information (24%).

This suggests that consumers are prepared to take action if they are losing interest in the emails they are receiving. Brands need to respond to this by making it easy to unsubscribe if that’s what customers want.

Also, to try and keep customers engaged, providing the option to update preferences and alter things like the frequency of emails they receive is a tactic worth trying. 

Marks & Spencer provides a good example of this with an opt-out page that allows customers to alter the frequency:

‘Share this’ links in emails

While many emails have a share button, it seems that users rarely use this feature, with the vast majority either not using or not noticing it.

Still, it seems to be a tactic worth trying, as it potentially extends the reach of email marketing campaigns, especially if emails contain compelling content such as special offers.

However, more people forwarded and shared emails than last year also, so the use of this option may increase as consumers become more accustomed to the feature.