Dave Sifry has just published a post talking up recent traffic figures for blog search engine Technorati – prompting speculation that he is trying to attract a buyer for the site.

According to Sifry’s post, Technorati has experienced astonishing growth in visitor numbers, with 9m users in March this year, compared with 3.5m in January. In addition, page views rose by 53% in March, and 141% since January.

Existing websites don’t normally double or triple traffic in the space of 8 weeks, so that’s an unbelievably fine effort.

Sifry says Technorati is now very much a media company, and that the growth in social media and use of the blog search engine’s tagged media pages has contributed to this growth.

He also claims that Technorati’s results are more ‘spam-free’, something we covered in a post last November.

Back in December, Hitwise announced that Google’s Blog Search had surpassed Technorati in market share of visits, a fact that was attributed to Google placing a link to its Blog Search on the Google News homepage.

More recent Hitwise stats, published with Dave Sifry’s post, suggest that Technorati has retaken the lead:

Hitwise blog search stats

All this boasting about Technorati’s visitor stats, among other things (there are some fine statements in Sifry’s post), has naturally led to speculation that Technorati is looking for a buyer, something which Sifry himself denies, both on his own page, and on the comments pages of various other blogs.

Michael Arrington says this denial is a clear indication that the company does in fact want a buyer, pointing to the secretive nature of Technorati. Why so much information, and why now? Has the funding pipeline dried up? Is the company struggling to achieve profitability?

We’re still waiting for the latest ‘quarterly’ update of Technorati’s ‘State of the Blogosphere’ report, but Dave assures us that this will be released later this week.