As solid web platforms have increasingly become a pre-requisite for business success, there is now more interest in technology from marketers and broader business folk right up to the boardroom.

Historically (crudely speaking) an IT purchasing decision would be of limited interest to those in the marketing department  as long as the business did not come grinding to a halt.

Now, it seems to to me, there is much more stakeholder interest across the board within organisations when it comes to purchasing decisions in areas like e-commerce platforms and Content Management Systems.

This isn’t just behind-the-scenes technology. It has a huge impact on the customer experience and  your brand, not to mention your transactional and bottom-line success.

For example, all too often, a company has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on a CMS installation only to find that they are not getting any visibililty on the search engines. The horror stories are plentiful.

Similarly, the wrong e-commerce platform can make it very difficult for marketers to make a success of their businesses.

Unfortunately, a lot of the big, traditional IT and CMS vendors seem to be gearing their marketing efforts in the IT space without realising that  e-commerce and online marketing professionals are massive influencers in this space.

This isn’t to say that their offering isn’t good in these areas. It just needs to be communicated.

The boundaries between IT, marketing, merchandising and other functions have become massively blurred in recent years but the vendors are not always reacting in terms of their PR and ‘analyst relations’.

A case in point is IBM where there seems to be plenty of support for “IT Analysts” but little machinery in place to provide information to a humble correspondent such as myself who is coming at the CMS space from a slightly different angle.

IBM is well known for their excellent AR department but it seems that they are fairly typical of the larger IT vendors in that they need to appreciate that e-commerce and internet professionals don’t necessarily have an IT background.

Watch out for our forthcoming CMS guide which will be crammed-full with information from vendors who appreciate that best practice technology is a linchpin of successful e-commerce and internet marketing.