ITV is currently in the middle of a revamp of its online offering, and has today launched the first part of its on-demand 30-day TV catch-up service.

The first part of the service to be unveiled is the soaps section, where users can catch up with previous episodes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street, and watch simulcasts online.

ITV’s online programming will be rolled out in stages, with broadband games, drama, lifestyle, sport, entertainment and news all to come. A new range of programmes will be added to the site every Tuesday.

ITV will also offer online simulcasts of ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3, though much ITV4 programming will be unavailable due to rights issues.

We looked at ITV’s live streaming of Champions’ League football, and the soap catch-up service is similar – pretty good until you select the full screen mode, when the quality deteriorates.

The £20m ITV website makeover will be completed by July 31, when ITV will close its old website and relaunch with a new site.

In The Guardian, one media buying agency said that ITV was charging more for its in-video advertising than competitors BSkyB and Channel 4, while another questioned whether ITV’s demographic would appeal to advertisers.