ITV’s online catch up TV offering will be revamped in an attempt to compete more effectively with the BBC’s iPlayer.

Though ITV launched the service months earlier than the iPlayer, it has quickly been overhauled by the BBC’s offering. Around 11m videos were viewed via the iPlayer in January, compared with just 2m for  

ITV video player

The company has some excellent content to show online, but has not made the most of it so far. We wrote a comparison of the two broadband services recently, and found that ITV lags behind its rival, particularly when it comes to user experience.

The player can be difficult to use at times, while too much advertising can spoil the viewing experience.

In addition, ITV has made much of the content difficult to find on the site. While all iPlayer content is accessible via a single page on, you are forced to hunt around for it on

The Guardian therefore reports that ITV is planning to overhaul the player, improve the navigation and promotion of content. It is also reportedly planning to boost the revamp through better marketing, something the BBC has done  effectively for its service.

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