ITV’s World Cup website has plenty of room for improving the user experience for visitors, with a score 20 points behind that of the four other sites in the study. 

Webcredible’s World Cup usability study found the FIFA website was the most usable, while the BBC, Sky and Eurosport were joint second. 

The results table: 

I looked at the ITV live online World Cup coverage last week, and it was poor compared to that from the BBC, the actual live footage was hard to find thanks to confusing navigation, while the quality of the coverage left a lot to be desired. 

The Webcredible study finds similar issues with ITV’s navigation, with key areas such as fixtures and team information being hard to find. Also, news links in each section aren’t as relevant as they should be. For example, none of the four news links on the England team page actually relate to England. tops the study, thanks to a strong performance across all the criteria, including clear navigation and findability of key information on fixtures and team news, though it did lose marks for video content. 

The video wasn’t always easy to find, and some of the videos that were prominent turned out to be unavailable: