High street retailer Jaeger has launched a transactional mobile site that will make it possible for international orders to be taken for the very first time.

Built by DesignUK, the optimised site is part of Jaeger’s goal to develop a seamless multichannel strategy – and has been tested against all of the major manufacturers’ devices.

It will include a one-click checkout for registered users, link shopping baskets from mobile to web, provide clearer product listings and multiple currency options.

Jaeger hopes that it will double the conversion rate and grow total mobile sales by 80 per cent within the next six months. Currently, the brand claims that eight per cent of its current sales come via mobiles, including iPads.

It’s pleasing to see this move from Jaeger, since research from dotCommerce launched earlier this week suggests that the majority of retailers are way behind in terms of creating an enjoyable shopping experience for mobile customers.

But the luxury market is peppered with brands doing mobile really well, Burberry being the most apparent. Since Jaeger positons itself at the boutique end of the high street, it needs to remain at the front of the pack – and this news is one step closer to that.