Jefrey Gomez

About Jefrey Gomez

Managing Director, ClickAcademy, Authorised Econsultancy Agent and Reseller

Jefrey is currently the Managing Director of Econsultancy’s authorised agent and reseller in the Asia Pacific region, representing Centaur Media.

Jefrey Gomez is a highly experienced Asia-Pacific regional business leader and has worked in the shipping, logistics, e-commerce, construction, travel, education and research sectors.

Jefrey has worked in multinational and local corporations and has helped businesses setup in Turkey, Egypt, India, Maldives, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

He is also the Director & Investor at ClickAcademy Asia, who is the exclusive distributor in Singapore of The Blockchain Certified Professional programme with the IIB Council, an initiative of the EC-Council Group.

Jefrey is also an ICO Adviser for Peoplewave & Scopuly.