1. Roadtripping to Digital Transformation

Drive business change by learning to navigate disruption and find the right route for your organisation. 

2. Giving marketing innovation a hug

Understanding the role of marketing in your organisation and defining the innovation process.

3. Crosspollinating your B2B trendscape

Expand your digital horizons by enhancing the customer journey, improving visibility and driving traffic. 

4. Storytelling by the volume

Scale your branded stories by tapping into the right networks to extend your reach and maximise impact. 

5. Merging So-Cu-Ser

How to deliver social and customer service in a scalable way, whether separately or on an integrated basis. 

6. Delicious data-driven decisioning

The key ingredients for baking a corporate culture with data at the core of your marketing strategy. 

7. Caring about CX

Do you really care about the customer experience, or are you just saying that? Caring starts with defining CX ownership. 

8. Multichannelling your offering

See what good looks like in multichannel experiences, and understand the metrics and KPIs for measuring it.

9. SCV

It’s not a new Excel format, but it is the path to excellence. We’re talking about aggregating your data into a Single Customer View.

10. Get moving with agile

What does it take to be a truly agile team? We’ll talk organisational structure, research, creative, response and measurement.

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