But considered separately, the Southeast Asian market is projected to soon be larger than the US and the EU, so brands who invest in the region now stand to gain enormously in the future.

So, how can brands break into Southeast Asia?

One way is through the regional marketplaces which offer marketers a number of benefits over going it alone, such as logistics, marketing support, and localization.

Jeff Rajeck, Research Analyst for Econsultancy in Asia-Pacific, will be covering the details of these benefits in a webinar titled “The State of Ecommerce Marketplaces in Southeast Asia and Taiwan” taking place on Thursday, May 24th – 3:30pm (New Zealand), 1:30pm (Australia-AEST), 11:30am (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Hong Kong), 10:30am (Thailand & Indonesia), 9am (India).

Jeff will be sharing insights from the Econsultancy report State of Ecommerce Marketplaces in Southeast Asia and Taiwan and discussing the findings with Alan Hellawell, Group Chief Strategy Officer of Sea, the parent company of Southeast Asian marketplace Shopee.

In the webinar, Jeff will cover :

  • Which marketplace model works best in the region – and why?
  • How should brands partner with marketplaces in Southeast Asia?
  • What are some country-specific insights Shopee can share from its experience across the region?

It promises to be a fascinating and unique overview of this underreported region.

Register here now to attend Econsultancy’s The State of Ecommerce Marketplaces in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.