Twice a year Econsultancy produces a print magazine focused on multichannel business strategies, to help support our JUMP event.

The latest issue of the JUMP magazine is now available for download. It’s free, though you need to be a registered Bronze member (also free) or Econsultancy subscriber to download it.

In it you’ll find that we’ve been exploring the relationship between TV and online, among other things. We’re slightly obsessed with the idea that we are on the verge of another golden age for television. 

While connected TV isn’t quite a reality as yet, the rise of ‘the double screen’ means that it is certainly a lot more interactive than it used to be. In fact, with at least 60% of people watching the TV with a laptop, mobile or tablet to hand, the TV has already become something of a direct response channel. 

Social platforms can extend and enhance TV shows, much in the same way that reader’s comments do for news articles. The background noise can be fascinating, and we can use it to more accurately measure and finesse TV shows (tuning in to Twitter to make sense of things might be a much better bet than tuning into BARB).

We also look more broadly at how marketers can optimise their offline ads to drive people online. A Q&A with Craig Sullivan is revealing too. He explains that online data can inform the offline creative process. I bet most ad agency bigwigs still believe that e-commerce folks should have no input into TV ads, when in fact they can seriously improve response rates.

Other topics covered in this issue include location-based marketing, measuring offline sales, and how offline retailers can make the most of mobile.

All that plus a bunch of interesting facts and figures, a few opinion pieces, and a case study.

Download issue 3 of JUMP Magazine today.