With only two weeks until our JUMP conference in New York on November 1, we’ve pulled together some of our best pieces on integrated marketing from our staff and guest writers for our Fall magazine

“Joined-up” or integrated marketing really matters. It can enhance the customer experience, while increasing engagement, satisfaction, sales and profits. JUMP will shine a bright light on the best practice in multichannel sterategies.

Our feature article comes from the folks at Experian, who will be leading a webinar on “Big data love” on October 18, and they tackle the issue of attribution and give you some practical advice. Once marketers can identify customers across all channels, they can truly measure the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

In this issue of JUMP Magazine, we tackle three big themes:

1. Digital is dead

More succinctly put, digital is dead as we know it and it no longer works in a silo. Integrated thinking, across both marketing and the bigger business, is now key. Customers don’t care about channel X or Y; they just want consistent excellence whenever and however they choose to interact with you.

2. The Internet is everywhere

The Internet of things, connected goods that feed data to the web, is about to change everything. We’re seeing it in sports already, from Nike’s work with runners to the fantastic work Vale resorts have done to make the skiing experience a truly engaging experience.

3. Big Data is King (Smart Data is Queen)

Data is the glue that connects everything. But its not data that’s the problem. We have that in bundles and getting more all the time. The real winners will be those that unlock the puzzle and extract smart data from the data sphere, a topic covered on our DMA panel at JUMP and inevitably part of quite a few other presentations too.

We also bring you insight on a number of areas that will help you to join up your business, including social commerce, real-time bidding, attribution, analytics and more. 

We’re all looking forward to finding out more from our 40+ fantastic speakers at JUMP so do enjoy the magazine and hopefully we’ll see you in New York in November. You can download it here.

For more information about the JUMP event and to book your place, please visit cometojump.com/newyork.