In this first US issue, the magazine tackles 20 important multi-channel topics, from big data and the challenges of the silo-less organization, to bringing innovation to the enterprise.

We’re just getting warmed up for the JUMP event, happening November 1st in New York.

This first issue of JUMP Magazine’s US Edition is free, though you need to be a registered Bronze member (also free) or Econsultancy subscriber to download it.

This time out, our theme is data, and the role it plays in joined up marketing and PR (j-u-m-p). With so many channels and media attention increasingly fragmented between offline and online sources, it’s never been more challenging to integrate marketing efforts.

At the same time, the data available to us is growing faster than we can count it (how many yottabytes in a geobyte again?)

You might want to start with our interview of Gnip President, Chris Moody. His company manages the social data stream…which is like putting a nozzle on the biggest firehose of data this side of the NSA. We also asked Chris O’Hara, author of two Econsultancy best practice guides, to weigh in on putting big data theory into practice.

As well as big data, JUMP Magazine looks at trends that matter to the multi-channel marketer, like discounting, reorganizing marketing for digital and the socialization of customer service. All in all, it’s 50 pages of insight and analysis to inspire and challenge marketers who are looking ahead at an increasingly joined-up world.

Download JUMP USA, Issue One today