Only 12% of the top 50 British websites have taken steps to comply with the EU Cookie Directive with an onscreen pop-up, banner or tab informing users about cookies on the site, according to a new report from TRUSTe.

But while this number seems low, the study found that none of the top sites in France or Germany has taken any steps towards compliance.

TRUSTe’s findings reflect the fact that the Information Commissioner’s Office has said it will adopt a soft approach towards enforcing the cookie law, which came into force earlier this year. 

The survey also found that the top 50 French sites drop nearly twice as many third party cookies (434) as the Netherlands (237), while British and German sites drop 406 and 319 respectively.

Looking at consumer awareness of the cookie law, four out of five Brits (81%) are aware of internet browser cookies and 63% are aware of the EU Cookie Directive.

The online study included over 4,000 consumers in France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands, and 200 top websites.

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