While the majority of video shares (59.4%) worldwide take place on Facebook, viewers share across a multitude of platforms, including Twitter (13.8%), Google+ (9.3%), Tumblr (5.7%) and Pinterest (3.9%). 

The speed of sharing has nearly double in the last 12 months, with 42% of shares occurring in the first three days.

It’s particularly interesting to note that more than three-quarters of video views take place outside of YouTube. This goes to show that there’s more to life than YouTube and the other major players. The ‘open web’ is where you’re best reaching and engaging with an audience.


The speed of social diffusion varies greatly by country. South Koreans are the fastest sharers, with 20% of shares occurring within the first 24 hours of launch.

Video viewers in South Korea (28%) are also more likely to click, replay or share an ad than any other territories worldwide. Japan has the lowest percentage of YouTube views with 19%, whereas Brazil has the highest with 50%.

Brazil is also home to the keenest ‘broadcasters’.

Advertisers looking to drive more earned media should look to international audiences. Countries such as South Korea may prove to be the best target for your video in terms of creating a viral smash.

Do be aware that when creating content for international audiences, humour occasionally doesn’t translate that well.

Emotional triggers

Happiness is the most effective emotional trigger for global campaigns, whereas social motivations are more culturally dependent.

Viewers in Germany are more likely to watch an ad to the end. 79% of Germans who watched an ad stayed till the final frame. The UK was in second place with 77%.

In terms of social motivations for sharing, Germany uses it to start conversations, the US likes to share its passions, and we in the UK primarily share as a social utility.

Do beware that occasionally humour doesn’t translate well across territories.

For more information download Unruly’s Geography of Sharing

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