This week I’ve been looking into a few finance verticals and found an interesting illustration of just how much power one trusted link can have.

Take a look at the results for “loans” and see how many links the top sites need to have to get their rankings.

Now look at the figures below and see how few links some of the sites have – proof that it’s quality and not quantity even in this industry.

If you can go and find a link that is so powerful that it propels you to the top of the search engines then it can be worth paying a lot of money for.

Of course if it stands out like a sore thumb then don’t expect it to last very long.

5.4 million links 
3 million links 
556 links (and one from
9,000 links 
13.5 million links 
3400 links 
37000 links 
362 links (including one from