Social influence measurement company Klout is moving into the mobile space, acquiring Blockboard for an unknown sum.

Blockboard says that it “uses technology to connect neighbours and build stronger neighbourhoods”. Its mobile app features a bulletin board that users can use to post messages for their local community to view and interact with.

On its blog, Klout founder and CEO Joe Fernandez says that Blockboard’s: “simple, well-designed tool gives people a way to communicate with their neighbours about everything from local news and tips to lost pets and broken streetlights.”

He goes on to say that the acquisition will help Klout in its mission to unlock every person’s influence.  Blockboard provides an awareness of how social media can be meaningfully woven into the fabric of a local community, as well as a “killer mobile app development team”. 

Blockboard says in its own post on the acquisition that Klout wants to expand its influence measurement into local communities, mobile devices, and other new contexts. 

Last week we covered Net Promoter’s entrance into social media analytics, with the launch of SparkScore for brands. At the time, Klout rival Peer Index’s CEO Azeem Azhar highlighted the importance of taking influence within the context of an individual’s network into account. 

The acquisition will see the Blockboard team of four join the company, and bring with them an additional chunk of understanding in relation to community influence – and how that works from a mobile perspective.

It’s not a huge move, but it’s a start. As people turn to mobile more and more to share, recommend and connect, any influence measurement needs to take this into account in order to be comprehensive enough to survive. Especially as the credibility of such a metric comes under constant critcism.