While copyright and monetisation issues don’t seem to be slowing down the popularity of Pinterest, brands are not only starting to create their own profiles – but also get more creative with campaigns based specifically around its functionality.

We wrote about 11 key ways brands could do this last month, and covered Peugeot’s efforts last week.

While airline bmi also recently created a ‘Pinterest Lottery’ that encouraging users to repin images of its travel destinations for the chance to win free flights.

Now feminine hygiene brand Kotex’s efforts have come to light.

Working with creative agency smoyz in Israel, it used Pinterest for an influencer relations project that highlights how easy it is to find out what people like by looking at what they pin.

For a project called “Womens Inspiration Day by KOTEX”, the agency used the site to find 50 inspiring women and sifted through their boards to find out the things they visually associated themselves with.

The agency then created personalised, handmade giftboxes filled with items the women might want, decorated in the styles that reflected their pins. 

According to the video below, all these women had to do to get the customised boxes delivered to their door was re-pin Kotex’s invitation. We’re assuming this was outlined in an email, with a photo attached, since Kotex Israel doesn’t seem to have a Pinterest account and the main Kotex profile has no mention of the campaign.

Though it’s not quite the ‘world’s first’ Pinterest campaign as it’s being billed, this shows just what the site can do in terms of research. The ‘giftbox’ idea is a fairly standard mechanic now, but this adds a nice twist.

The video claims that as a result of sending those initial 50 boxes, the project has had 2,284 interactions with total potential impressions of almost 700,000.

Though metrics around this king of activity aren’t the be all and end all, since building long term relationships is often more valuable, this is still impressive. Particularly for a brand that isn’t particularly sexy, or that women especially obliged to discuss.