has teamed up with Warner Music Group in its first deal with a major music company.

The agreement will see Warner’s music catalogue made available to the’s listeners. It will initially roll out in the US, with Europe to follow shortly after., one of E-consultancy’s favourite web apps, works by analysing what users listen to on and iTunes, then presenting users with recommendations based on their personal tastes. It also has a social element, allowing like-minded users to connect with each other based on similar musical tastes.

As’s Martin Stiksel told us recently, the service is getting around 15m active users per month, and has around 1m songs for users to listen to.

Martin told us that, while he plans further such deals in future, there is nothing concrete to report as yet, though he did say that are looking at content deals with indie labels as well as the majors.

Martin also revealed details about the new premium subscription service, which will allow users to customise their radio stations by tagging and ‘loving’ tracks they have listened to. This will then build up a more personalised playlist.

Unfortunately, and due mainly to the copyright restrictions imposed by the DMCA, there are no plans as yet to alter the current radio licence. This means that users will still be unable to listen to tracks on demand, or pause the tracks they are listening to.

However, Martin did point out that there are currently 200,000 on demand tracks available on, and 100,000 available for download.

As for mobile, has no plans for a mobile application as yet, but is keeping an eye on developments and will, if the technology allows, move into the mobile market in the future.