The ‘Music Makes You Travel’ campaign is set to run from now until December – here’s a breakdown of what it involves.

Music linked to destinations has teamed up with Spotify to produce a series of interactive maps, playlists and podcasts – each one linked to 10 different destinations.

The content can be found on a dedicated online hub, with ads also running on both’s main site and the Spotify platform. 

Each city is broken down by area, with playlists bringing to life the distinct sounds of each one. For instance, East London’s playlist includes songs by local artists like Dizzee Rascal and Katy B. 

Meanwhile, the map highlights musical hotspots such as Rough Trade East – a popular record store in Shoreditch.

Alongside this, the campaign will include a series of podcasts, with each one featuring an international artist giving insight into the music scene of their home city.

Driving online conversions

Not only does the campaign tap into the way that music transports us to another place, but it emphasises how music accompanies us wherever we go. From listening to music on the plane to discovering live music venues on holiday, we engage with music in key moments of the travel journey.

Due to its highly emotive nature, is hoping that music will prompt Spotify users – those who are typically young and of an adventurous mindset – to browse and ultimately convert online. 

Bringing brand audiences together

So, what’s in it for Spotify? 

According to data, a large percentage of consumers are also Spotify users, meaning the collaboration appears to be a win-win for both brands. 

The partnership will also see The Travel People – Lastminute’s ad sales group – run campaigns for Spotify across its network. Meanwhile, the company will also delve into first- and third-party data to offer insight for advertisers based on listener’s music tastes.

Playlists relating to travel are hugely popular on the platform. We’ve already seen other travel brands such as Lonely Planet using Spotify in this way, creating travel-themed playlists to take listeners on a musical journey.

With Spotify now reaching 50m paying users, it presents a massive opportunity for brands to reach a highly active audience.

Offering personalisation and discovery

The size and scope of Spotify’s audience is not the only draw for The opportunity to serve personalised and interactive content to users is key, ramping up levels of brand engagement.

Users can select what type of genres they are interested in to find related venues and events, with prompts to find out more on the destination’s main landing page.

Naturally, this also encourages activity of social, with the ability to embed and share playlists aligning with the campaign’s aim to reach a young and travel-hungry audience.

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