has launched a recommendation tool that generates ideas for city break based on what a user wants to do on their holiday.

‘Inspire Me’ asks when they want to leave, their budget per person and what they feel like doing from a selection of six activities.

These include ‘taking in some culture’, ‘partying’ and ‘buying a new wardrobe’, with each rated on a six point scale.

As such, if you’re looking for culture, Inspire Me might recommend a trip to Bruges, but if a combination of partying and pampering is more up your street then it suggests a three night stay in Vegas.

Though lastminute hasn’t revealed any targets in relation to Inspire Me, the city breaks data feed (powered by Fusepump technology) converts click to buy consumers at around 3% in other applications across the site. senior dynamic packaging training manager Alex Berman said the tool is designed to help customers who know their budget and what they want to do, but aren’t sure where they want to go.

The project is still in a soft launch phase, but his team have been monitoring feedback from customers and Facebook fans.

If anything stands out from the user feedback we will make sure we fix it before the hard launch. We’ve already had people asking for different sliders for things like family holidays.”

He also said that was also planning an update later in the year to integrate social recommendations through its Facebook community, potentially involving a new timeline app.

Expedia also launched a new recommendation tool recently involving crowdsourced deals. It stopped short of involving social media, but instead displays the best value deals based on what other customers have bought.

Back in 2009, also found success when introducing a ‘Visualiser’ tool, which made hotel recommendations in a similar way to Inspire Me – but tied up with Imagini to use VisualDNA (the process of understanding emotions through images),