Laura Chaibi

About Laura Chaibi

Laura is a CIM qualified marketer from London Metropolitan University and after several years as a marketer with nine figure marketing budgets, she moved fully into digital media, research, data, and insights.

She has worked in digital media, marketing, VOD and entertainment for major global broadcasters and digital companies worldwide including Yahoo, BBC, Orange, AOL, MBC and more recently for Nielsen as Senior Consultant on global media projects covering 25+ countries. More than $200m of global insights has been managed under her watchful eye across primary research, marketing effectiveness, measurement, syndicate and data intelligence projects at a company and industry level.

She meshes the best of both marketing and insights and has built 20+ years of hands-on subject matter expertise with data and audience insights which led to the commissioning of the Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation and the Role of Data Best Practice Guide.

For the last four years, he has been on the Women in Research (WIRe) Board in the US and she submitted her first US patent in 2012 outlining a user-centered design and data management solution to better enable commercial communications underpinned by a single sign-on framework.

Laura is originally from Vancouver, Canada. She has lived and worked across four continents and is a keen traveller and cultural observer. She has a mind opened by wonder and curiosity dedicated to helping businesses scale and leaders to become the achievers of tomorrow.