fittyHis fans know him as “Fitty.” Call him whatever you want, but the ex-con turned rapper and pitchman has established a brand among the 15-to-35 year-old internet content user. Two of 50 Cent’s allied brands are claiming to have scored big numbers by attaching his name to peer-to-peer (P2P) related content.

The brands were Glaceau’s Vitaminwater Formula 50 and Right Guard’s Pure 50, a deodorant. Both brands worked with Brand Asset in 2008 to attach search results to branded content which could then be shared with other users. The results were reported at Wednesday’s P2P Market Conference in New York City. Both campaigns generated click-through rates over 4 percent and post-click engagement times of more than two minutes. Better yet, the campaigns were tied to legit content, linked from paid keywords. No illegal file sharing issues, which so often go along with P2P shared content, and no intellectual property disputes.

For Glaceau, the campaign started through paid and organic search for the keywords “50 Cent,” and “vitaminwater.” The results showed five different videos of Fitty rapping the praises of Formula 50s grape flavor and its other assets. It also connected to a 50 Cent/Formula 50 microsite. Total impressions, according to Brand Asset Digital: 197.2 million. Total clicks were 8.6 million for a 4.4 CTR. Engagement time at the microsite averaged 2:45 minutes.

The Right Guard Pure 50 was similar, but targeted at a more urban audience. Keywords were more about entertainment, pop culture, and comedians. The three viral videos and the microsite were more humorous than the music-heavy Glaceau sites. The Pure 50 campaign was also introducing a new product, and therefore attracted lower total numbers. Total impressions: 26.1 million. Clicks were 1 million for a CTR of 4.1. Average time spent at the microsite was 2:24 minutes.

The campaigns show that creating P2P content can give brands the control they want and still create impact within the targeted customer base. With time spent at the microsite showing high levels of engagement, these campaigns show an efficient blend of search, social media, and branding.