ASOS won the Social Media award at The Digitals last year thanks to its innovative series of live Twitter games which entertained its community and created genuine, organic social buzz to the tune of a 120m total reach, a 133% increase in Twitter following and a 774% increase in hourly sales attributable to Twitter.

Since the time of its award win in June 2013, ASOS’ Twitter following has risen from almost 20,000 in May, to a current 731,000, meaning that ASOS is quickly catching up to longer running rivals Topshop and giving H&M UK a resounding trounce.

ASOS is also one of the most popular UK retail brands on Facebook, with with a rise from 2.2m fans in September 2013 to currently 3.4m, compared to Topshop’s 3.9m and New Look’s 3m.

Even more impressively, it’s taken Instagram by storm, proving that this savvy marketer knows that visual mobile first is the future of social. So far 2.1m followers are enjoying its daily updates, again hot on the catwalk heels of Topshop’s 2.8m.

ASOS has also redesigned its homepage, putting an extra emphasis on content marketing and is an interesting move away from the expected norms of homepage design.


Barclays Pingit won our Customer and User Experiences Digital Award last year, thanks to its person-to-person mobile payments service. The free Barclays Pingit mobile app allows any person with a UK bank account and a smartphone to send and receive payments using their smartphone.

The app was launched in February 2012 for use by Barclays current account customers. In April 2012 non-Barclays customers were allowed to use the app. 

As of March 2013, Barclays Pingit has been downloaded 1.47m times. 

In September 2013, three months after winning the Digital, Barclays Pingit downloads have increased to 2m. Pingit also added mobile payments functionality so goods could be bought in the high street using the app. According to the Telegraph, Barclays has also signed up several as-yet-unnamed partners to the service, including one transport company that will allow users to buy tickets using the app.

RS Components

RS Components won the Multichannel Marketing at The Digitals last year thanks to its open-source Arduino starter kit launch, achieving 646% ROI and near-dominance of the search and social space.

After its launch in October 2012, its video tutorials received 361,819 views in six months (its target was 110,000) and revenue achieved 646% above the original investment (the target was to break even).

Since winning the award in June 2013, RS Components has built a large catalogue of videos on its YouTube channel, uploading on more than weekly basis and has 7,972 subscribers.

Further marketing revamps from RS Components have helped the company improve its SEO and automated email programmes.

An SEO revenue project by Greenlight helped  increase the brand’s visibility in Google for product searches by 1,300%, leading to a 1,000% increase in directly attributable SEO revenue. This amounted to around £12m of new revenue. 


Carat worked with Bodyform to create the viral smash ‘Bodyform responds’ in October 2012, following some trolling comments left by a Facebook user. Carat won the Rich Media and Video award at The Digitals last year for its effort. 

‘Hi Richard’ and ‘Bodyform’ both trended on Twitter on October 16, the cultural implications of the video were discussed in worldwide news outlets and it became the most viewed video in the UK at the time. It also nailed the skills of agile marketing, content marketing and PR firefighting with one cunning swoop.

To this date the video has been viewed 5.6m times, has been highlighted as an example of superb agile marketing in almost every marketing conference since 2012 and perhaps even more importantly completely changed the perception of the brand and dramatically positioned itself as a forthright, honest and damn well hilarious company that you don’t want to mess with.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader won the Automotive award at The Digitals last year thanks to its ‘New Car Drop’, a live, interactive Twitter campaign to give away a brand new car suspended 35 metres over London’s South Bank, powered by the sentiment of tweets.

This multichannel campaign saw the highest cross-platform traffic total ever recorded on Auto Trader (13.74m), its Twitter account gained 1,616 new followers in just two hours, traffic to increasing 23% YOY and 15% MOM on the day of the event.

Since winning the award in June 2013, Auto Trader has carried on this inventive and interactive spirit throughout its social channels. Last month Auto Trader launched its ‘Twitter Are You Red or Blue?’ campaign, the world’s first Twitter powered car customisation.

A Vine channel was also launched in support of the event, as well as supporting videos on its YouTube channel… 

Auto Trader remains an engaging presence on social, and encourages its community with regular interactivity and quick responses to queries. 

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