LinkedIn has launched another new feature, adding profiles of 160,000 companies to the professional networking site.

E-consultancy LinkedIn profile

Clicking on company names on LinkedIn or searching by name will now take you to an overview of that firm, which displays people in your network who work at the company, recent hires, and the most popular employee profiles.

In addtion, key company stats are shown, including office locations, company size, demographics, revenues, and other information:

E-consultancy LinkedIn stats

These LinkedIn company profiles are still in beta, but companies will soon be able to customise and modify their profile pages, adding job vacancies, images, and more information about products and services.

The new profiles are useful for people researching information about a company, as well as offering another way for firms to market themseleves through the site.

The profiles can only be viewed by logged in users at the moment, but they may well show up in Google results for companies in future.

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