LinkedIn has upgraded its Group Search functionality, shifting the focus to show what’s actually being discussed within each group.

The changes mean that instead of relying a group’s title and description, which isn’t always the most accurate portrayal, you’ll be shown the best results based on how well your search matches the conversations taking place. 

LinkedIn senior product manager for search & social graph Brad Mauney wrote on the company’s blog that you’ll also now see which of your connections are in a group (and how active they are within it), making it easier for you to find groups that “really matter to you”.

Filtering your results is improved as well. You can now filter your results by your network, categories, and also language.”

This is a huge improvement, and makes it easier to sift through and filter the site’s 1.2m groups from both a personal and professional perspective.

Based on feedback from Digital Cream London 2012 last month, LinkedIn is the one to watch in terms of B2B use of social media.

With features like these making it easier to find out where conversations are being held within the site, better targeting in relation to social advertising and structure around branded groups – it’s easy to see why.