LinkedIn has launched a new statistics dashboard that will provide insights and analytics into every group within the social network.

Anita Lillie, data visualisation designer at LinkedIn, announced the news on the company’s blog. She outlined that the tool, called Group Statistics, aims to help people work out how active a group is, what kind of professionals contribute to it and how valuable it could be.

To do this, the dashboard focused on three areas: demographics, growth, and activity.  

The demographics view displays who is in the group. Lillie said that it shows information about the level of seniority of those people, the function/role of their job, location, and industry of the various professionals in the group. This opens up a better way to establish which groups are worth joining or engaging with.

The growth tab does exactly what it says on the tin, showing how a group has grown over time. In her post, Lillie hints at a bit of gamification here, which LinkedIn toys with from time to time, referencing the ‘coveted Sky-rocketing badge’ given to groups when they achieve extreme or fast growth. 

Finally, the activity panel displays comments and discussions. Here you can track how active members are, and whether they start and contribute to discussions regularly.

It also allows you to view job and promotion counts for the group, particularly relevant since these figures often indicate that a group is being actively moderated by managers or members.

All of this data is easily shareable, and is updated daily, which seems fair when you consider that vast majority of people only check the site every 24 hours at most.

This follows the launch of a ‘serious overhaul’ of LinkedIn Events on Wednesday. Events your network is organising now appear in your update stream, the LinkedIn Events Home will suggest events you might be interested in attending, and will also show those you’re down to attend – plus whether you’re open to meet. 

To access the dashboard, simply visit one of your groups or search for a new one via the directory and click the Group Statistics box on the right-hand side of group homepage.