In a stunning new development we have decided to launch ‘LINKLOVE!’, which is a roundup of some of the more interesting, insightful or weird links we’ve seen.

I’ve always believed that reading is 20% of the job for most internet pros, so here’s some juicy thoughtfood to help you keep your brain fresh…

Links for 24 May

Sky is on the verge of launching an iPad app, for a not inconsiderable £35 a month. Or £420 a year, if you prefer to hear it that way. He should be called Rupert Moredosh. 

If you have an iPad then you’ll need the clothes to go with it, right? Maybe a sexy black dress with a kangaroo-style iPad-sized pouch, for example? 

Did Google just throw a penalty at Express Group for selling ‘SEO advertorials’ (aka ‘links’) for £1,000? 

Adam Singer shows you how to become ‘referential’, in order to accrue links. There must be something in it as I’ve just linked to him. 

‘Is this the Google masterplan for travel?’, asks tnooz.

Martin Belam’s roundup of the latest in tech brainjuice from last week’s Future of Web Design conference.

As insurers of cars will testify, buying things can be disappointing

You’ve probably heard about @tweetalondoncab, but have you ever tried it? Here’s a walkthrough. It’s on my to-do list. 

Website archive best practices, from the clever people at Smashing Magazine.

Rafat Ali has decided to cut the cord with paidContent, two years after selling it to The Guardian for £4m. 

From the Econsultancy archive: The A-to-Z of social media for brands.