I’ve been suffering from a full-blown case of manflu this week. It strikes me that flu must have been even more boring in a pre-internet age. Here are some of the links that have been keeping me sane in the past few days…

How much is BP spending on PPC?

Meanwhile, in related news, Steven Colbert plugs Bing no less than 40 times in return for $100k of clean up money.

Here are a bunch of usability breakdowns to avoid.

The top 1,000 most-visited sites on the web, based on unique visitors, according to Google. Note that it doesn’t appear to feature Google.com, nor any adult sites. You need to break beyond 4m unique users to creep onto the list.

How to write a Malcolm Gladwell bestseller in seven easy steps. A job for the weekend.

The anatomy of a winning iPhone app.

35 infographics groups on Flickr. Yummy.

Wired’s iPad app to surpass print sales… in just nine days! Yep, you read that correctly. Awesome work.

Phil Gyford has used The Guardian API to create a story-centric interface with horizontal scroll browsing capabilities. Neat.

We love our Twitter followers more than ever after learning that Econsultancy links are being retweeted every 47 seconds or so, according to the rather useful socialmention.

And finally, remember that once upon a time the internet was new… here’s how AOL advertised it to consumers in 1995: