A roundup of the links we’ve been checking out today…

Facebook, privacy, Facebook, privacy… what’s it all about? This helpful infographic explains.

Mercedes Benz sales folk use the iPad to help close the deal. Mine arrives tomorrow so have your credit card details ready please.

Chris Garrett explains how to cut through the social media noise. 

Need advice on the way you dress before you step outside? Want to make patently incorrect statements such as “the outfit is pleasing to the eye but cleavage is never professional”? Then check out Go Try It On.

The new BBC iPlayer will link to other broadcasters, which BSkyB (not a partner) doesn’t remotely like the sound of

Like data? Love football? Take a look at the Adidias MatchTracker, an awesome visualisation tool for football managers and fans who want to use whizzy tools to analyse matches. 

London’s a pretty interesting place, all things considered. Londoners can explore days gone by via the Museum of London’s new augmented reality iPhone App, called Streetmuseum.

Sally Falkow on social media press releases / newsrooms.

From the Econsultancy archive: Five ways how fashion retailers can display products online.