In today’s links roundup, reaction to another Daily Mail scare story about Twitter, as well as posts on infographics, and SEO opportunities for retailers… 

Great response to the Daily Mail scare story on Twitter monitoring by Andrew Bruce Smith of escherman, showing the newspaper uses ‘prying’ technology on its website visitors.

More about the Mail’s ‘trip to Idiotville’ at The Media Blog. 

World Cup infographics galore from InspiredMag. 

Are retailers missing out on an SEO opportunity? Linda at GetElastic on why sites should optimise for the term ‘free shipping’.

From The Register: iPad file transfer hell

How to design an infographic by Smashing Magazine. 

Mobile commerce accounted for 0.6% of total UK online retail market in 2009, but will double by 2012, according to new research. 

How multichannel retailers can make the most of Google’s new search results layout. 

And from the Econsultancy archives…

Social media measurement: a 10-step guide