Here’s Econsultancy’s daily roundup of links for your considerable delight. A special mention today goes to the no-nonsense Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, whom we’d like to congratulate for her commendable use of plain English instead of corporatespeak. 

Google’s PacMan ‘logo’ turned us all into workshy fops, with almost 5m man hours lost to the little yellow gobbler last Friday. 

Do you want to make an ad for Unilever? Do you?  

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz advises Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington to “fuck off”

The Newspaper Licensing Agency takes its case against Meltwater and the PRCA to the High Court. One way or another we’ll soon know whether the NLA has a leg to stand on, as far as charging news aggregators to link to news sites is concerned. 

So is The Times building a paywall or a private member’s club? Or possibly a ghost town?

PROfounders launches ‘open office hours’ for startups who want to talk about the weather, or more pressing issues. 

Bill Slawski on how users search for answers to difficult questions

Douglas Adams fans: today is Towel Day

A heavy metal bandnames flowchart / infographic. Just because you should see it. 

OUTRAGE! The Daily Mail needs some lessons in copyright law / manners / good practice, according to Emily James at Just Do It, after the newspaper printed her Twitpic pictures without permission. Or to use a contextual metaphor: the pictures are the welfare state, and the blessed Mail is a benefit fraudster, etc etc.

From the Econsultancy archive: 15 savage mistakes commonly made by PR folks