Claiming to be the world’s first live search engine, mylivesearch launched in beta recently. It aims to improve on the major search engines by delivering real time results, and more of them too.

According to the mylivesearch website, results from the major search engines suffer because you only see results from the last time sites were indexed, you only see a small part of the web, and that searches are limited by bias (i.e. number of links, popularity etc).

The unique aspect of Mylivesearch is that it works by installing a browser plugin, and then using your computer’s resources to search the web directly. It claims that this produces more ‘real time’ results, as well as searching a larger percentage of the web than Google or Yahoo.

The search engine uses Google/Yahoo etc as a starting point then branches out from sites with relevant content to index other results, in what mylivesearch calls a ‘spiral process’.

The fact that it uses your own computing power, while a novel idea, can be a massive drawback for a couple of reasons: 

  • Firstly, it will use up a fair amount of your PC’s resources when searching – mine was up to 90/100% CPU usage as soon as I clicked the search button. You also have to remember to click the stop button or it will just keep searching.
  • Secondly, the searches take longer to carry out than they would if I had just gone to Google. Finding around 4m results for ‘Tony Blair’ on Google takes a fraction of a second, while finding just 200 on mylivesearch took at least 30 seconds.

In addition, the real test of a search engine is whether it can deliver relevant results, and mylivesearch doesn’t seem to improve on Google in the quality of its results, while the interface isn’t that nice to look at.

When Google is indexing faster then ever, with pages often appearing on Google within 30 minutes of publishing, then there is no real advantage to be had from real time searches.

Other recent search engines, such as Mahalo and iRazoo, though neither are perfect, have at least found some ways of improving on Google – Mahalo by hand editing search results to cut out spam, and iRazoo by getting users to review and recommend results. Mylivesearch hasn’t done either.

It is early days for this search engine, and perhaps it will improve by the time it comes out of beta, but the signs aren’t too promising, and many people will be reluctant to download an application that uses up their PC’s resources when they can get better results from Google without the effort.