Lucy Dawson is Digital Content Executive at Lloyd’s of London, where she has led the 300-year-old insurance market’s first forays into social media.

In her three years at Lloyd’s she has driven forward several high profile digital projects — including the launch of their current website and Lloyd’s Facebook Timeline. 

Here, Lucy talks about her upcoming presentation at our FUNNEL B2B event, in which she looks at combining social media and content to develop longer lasting relationships. 

Choosing the right social media platform

Our social media tactics tend to focus on thought leadership and education… We felt it was important to follow the audience and not just go on any platform because other people were on there.

Our graduate and job-seeker audience were already on Facebook and we felt that was a really great place to target the audience to let them know more about what it’s like working in the insurance industry. Twitter is for opinion formers so great for pushing out thought leadership. 

Who ‘owns’ social media? 

In terms of ownership, it’s owned by corporate comms but we need to work very closely with the business to get their great, rich content up through the social media channels. We also work closely with IT and legal teams – the people you really want to have on board if something goes wrong or to help producing guidelines. 

The risks of social media

In terms of protection it’s really about covering the risks that come from social media, and we actually feel it’s riskier not to be in the space than to be in it. Because if you’re not on these channels and understanding how they work, you’re not able to pick up the buzz around your brand, either positively or negatively, you’re not able to respond to comments that are perhaps factually untrue, and you’re also not able to differentiate your brand, for example there may be people pertaining to be your brand.

There were quite a few Lloyd’s Facebook pages when we joined the platform and people were thinking this was Lloyd’s communication. So we wanted a platform where people could get the real message from our brand.

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