Real Girls Media Network has secured VC funding of $6 million from 3i and WaldenVC for a series of three female-orientated sites which will launch next year.

The RGM network’s sites will allow women to submit articles, product reviews and related photos using an online publishing system developed for the site and intended to streamline the editorial process.

The first website from the Real Girls Media Network will be, which is due to launch early next year. This site is aimed at women aged 25 to 54. Additional sites for other age groups will follow in 2007.

Partner with 3i and board member of RGM Network David Silverman believes the new site will fill a gap in the market:

“Close to 57% percent of online users are women – and this market is currently underserved, RGM’s new interactive site,, and its plans for a network of quality online sites, will provide a real sense of community for women which is becoming more and more important in a busier and increasingly isolated society.”

Kate Everett-Thorp, who conceived the idea of the sites, was most recently President, Digital Worldwide for AKQA. As well as 3i, investment will come from Walden VC.  Both companies will have representation on RGM’s board of directors.

Anyhow, this is another VC investment that is making us think that we’re approaching a bubble. Never, in the past seven years, has it been so easy to bag funding for a pre-launch startup.