The makers of lonelygirl15 – the fake teenage video diary which created a huge stir on YouTube this summer – have divulged plans to turn the venture into a real business.

The blog – widely expected to be binned after being outed in September - is now being distributed on Revver as part of an ad revenue sharing arrangement.

Miles Beckett, one of lonelygirl15’s founders, has given up his day job to work on the venture full time, and told Forbes that it had already allowed him to pay back his medical school bills.

He also explained some of the reasons behind the switch away from YouTube:

“When we first started… we went on the site with the most traffic and the most eyeballs, and that was YouTube.

“Also, the story itself was about a video blogger and a video blogging community was already emerging organically on YouTube.

“As we move forward… we need to find some way to monetise this so we can continue to produce these videos. Most importantly, we wanted the fans to be able to participate in the financial future of lonelygirl15.”

Beckett didn’t say how many viewers had been lost after the confirmation that the blog wasn’t real, or whether a movie or TV deal was in the pipeline.

But he said users would soon be able to earn cash by creating their own lonelygirl15 videos.