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Senior Analyst

Lynette works in the research team at Econsultancy, where she works on delivering industry-leading research, briefings and reports for the digital marketing industry. Her previous experience has involved responsibility for delivering measurements and insights and improving overall online customer experience for Cancer Research UK and the Royal Mail Group.

Reports and articles by Lynette

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Ecommerce Quarterly: Q2 2024

A guide to the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce, providing a snapshot of what is happening right now. This quarter’s edition includes Amazon’s record-setting Q1 results, a raft of online summer sales and the latest sustainability measures coming into force.

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Ecommerce Quarterly: Q1 2024

A guide to the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce, providing a snapshot of what is happening right now. This quarter’s edition includes the peak season results, AI updates, cross-border retail and the latest strategies for combating the cost of returns.

B2B Transformation in Practice

The increased demand for digital products and services from B2B customers has created a huge opportunity for B2B companies. To make the most of the opportunity, companies will need to nurture the right vision and culture in order to transform the business. They will need to continually work to improve the customer experience and support […]

5 minute read

People, Skills and Hiring for B2B Digital Transformation

This research highlights the numerous ways data and technology can enhance B2B digital transformation. Equally importantly, though, are the people and teams responsible for making it happen. People and skills The importance of considering the human capability side of transformation and innovation projects was emphasised by many of the experts interviewed for Econsultancy’s Future of […]

7 minute read

Data Transformation in B2B

The more a company knows about their customers or prospects, the better they can serve them and the more relevant the experience and communications can be. Data is key to gaining deeper client insights and using those insights to develop a better and more personalised experience. Data’s role in digital transformation Companies need to be […]

13 minute read

The Pillars of B2B Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey. It is a process of continual progress and adaptation as things change quickly. This chapter of the research focuses on the key strategic pillars that need to be considered as part of this digital transformation journey. Transformation fundamentals Ashley Friedlein, Founder of Econsultancy and Guild, argues that digital transformation […]

11 minute read

Engaging B2B Customers Digitally

For many companies, delivering a B2B digital experience means adapting their strategies and approach to how they sell and engage with their customers. B2B selling moving from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ B2B sales cycles have historically adopted more of a ‘push’ than ‘pull’ approach, with sellers proactively pitching to clients via calls and trade shows, and […]

11 minute read

Digital technologies and tools to support the B2B customer journey

There are many tools available for improving the B2B customer journey, from the initial pre-sales queries to post-purchase aftercare. This chapter explores how marketers can use them to their advantage. Overview Typically buyers only spend 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers when considering a purchase, according to Research from Gartner.[1] As hybrid selling […]

1 March 2024
5 minute read

Creating Journey-Based Experiences for B2B

Creating compelling digital B2B experiences requires a deep understanding of customers. This includes understanding the end-to-end customer journey, the pain points and where digital can support the process.  The digital customer experience Research from Wunderman Thompson revealed that more than half (52%) of firms experience frustration with online B2B buying and, as a result, over […]

18 July 2024
15 minute read

Optimising B2B Digital Experiences

Econsultancy’s 2023 Digital Trends predictions, alongside previous surveys, showcase how optimising the customer experience and customer journey management remain among the top priorities for both B2C and B2B companies. This chapter looks at the key considerations for organisations planning to deliver on the B2B digital experience. Digital expectations In order to deliver a positive digital […]

12 minute read

The Drivers of B2B Digital Transformation

In a rapidly evolving online landscape, B2B businesses must embrace digital to stay competitive. This chapter provides a guide to understanding how digital trends have evolved and the impact on B2B organisations. The current context The global Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital trends that were already underway by five to 10 years[1] driving a focus on […]

15 minute read

B2B Digital Transformation: A Summary

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many changes on B2B companies, in particular the need to serve customers digitally. This included facilitating virtual sales calls, improving ecommerce offerings and optimising digital customer service.  To put this into context, just under half (49%) of B2B purchases now take place online, according to a 2021 B2B Future Shopper Report […]

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