Mobile customers are “profoundly dissatisfied” by m-commerce sites that don’t allow them to make purchases, according to a new survey.

The report, by Strategy Analytics, found mobile users didn’t like being limited to research and pre-purchase evaluation and considered m-commerce sites to be vastly inferior to their fixed internet counterparts.

The study covered eBay, and Odeon Cinema – on all three sites users can search through products but are unable to actually make a purchase at the end of the process. 

David Kerr, vice president, Global Wireless Practice, Strategy Analytics, said:

“If m-commerce sites are to be successful, it is critical to offer users the core features they associate with the brand. In order to ignite m-commerce transactions, m-commerce sites must offer efficient search engines, the ability to customise results and assurance of secure transactions.”

Paul Brown, senior analyst, user experience research, added:

“Participants were surprised and disappointed that when using the mobile portal they could search for flights and vacations but could not purchase either tickets or trips.”

The survey found that people would most like to see mobile versions of Amazon and iTunes.